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Act 26 of 1947, Amended by 4 of 1972 O.23/1986

The Landlord and Tenant Act, Cap. 61:01 is a Law of Guyana that governs “the relationship between the Landlord and Tenant”. This Act regulates the rental of commercial and residential property within the territory of Guyana and details the rights, responsibilities and obligations of Tenants, defined in same as “any person entitled in possession to the land or building under any contract of tenancy”, as well as the obligations and rights of the Landlord, defined in the Act as “any person who under tenancy is, as between himself and the tenant for the time being, entitled to the rents and profits of the land or building payable under the tenancy”. 

Some important issues provided for in the Landlord and Tenant Act of Guyana include the information that should be contained in a Rental Agreement, the Rent that should be payable in advance, the landlord’s duty to repair certain tenements, among other things.
Migrating to any country can be a challenge, but being aware of the regulations in place, especially in the area of housing, can alleviate and avoid some issues that arise when looking for or renting a place to live in; Knowledge is power after all. The entire Landlord and Tenant Act (Chapter 61:01) can be read and downloaded from the Ministry of Legal Affairs of Guyana website with the following link:

Unfortunately, it is only available in English, but efforts are being made to have the laws translated for the benefit of all migrants.

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